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Brigitta Hoeferle:
Here's the big question. How is it that most entrepreneurs hustle and are always busy and struggle to take just one step forward, only to fall two steps back? They're dedicated, determined and driven, but only a few finally break through and win. This show uncovers those quantum leap patterns of highly successful people so you can simply model what they do and apply to your future success. That's the question. And the answers are right here. My name is Brigitta Hoeferle and this is the Success Patterns Show. And that is right. Happy holidays, everyone, here from the Success Pattern show. My name is Brigitta Hoeferle. I am the founder of the Success Pattern Movement and the CEO of the center of an LP where we put the do in learn, do teach. This show is designed for you and with your success in mind. And could this be a better time of the year to really create whatever it is that you want to create for 2023? Because the quality of your success starts with your attitude towards it? Can I get a hallelujah or an amen out there? Success is an interesting thing because it shapes its meaning with each individual success seeker and it's not limited to business or personal or romantic relationships or business transactions or anything like that. You choose. What do you want to have success? Where do you want to have success in 2023? Success is modeled in patterns, strategies and behavior. Tony Robbins is known for saying success leaves clues. I say success comes in patterns. That's right. If you've written down anything that I'm saying today, that that is the number one thing. Success comes in patterns, and when you're able to see those patterns, then you're able to replicate it. You're able to do more of it or you're becoming aware of, Wait a minute, I really don't want to do this. I really for 2023, I'm not going to do this anymore. And then you do less of it or you ditch it altogether. In this show, we're looking at patterns. What are patterns? Patterns are an example for others to follow. That's what a pattern is. And a success pattern is a successful pattern to follow.

Brigitta Hoeferle:
Hello. In this show, we are uncovering and decoding these patterns that led to other people's success. So you can then apply it, encode it into your own life and into your success starting right now. Because as humans we are hard wired for hands on application by a living teacher. We're not theoreticians because they talk a good game. We are grandmasters at work here at the Success Pattern show and we're going to give you tips and patterns to model success. So that means that you're in the right place at the right time. And one of the laws of success teaches us that success is model. It's all about expert modeling. That's exactly what we're all about, because success is already yours. We have an incredible show today. We're going to have a show with the one and only Brigitta, who I know. Big, big, big applause. I'm kidding you guys. Of course I'm not kidding because I am here with you today. And I decided to not have a guest expert in this very important time of the year, the last week of the year, as we are reflecting on the year past and as we are creating and planning the year ahead, I had a conversation with our 20 year old daughter Emily the other day and she says, you know, looking back at 2022, that was probably the most challenging and the most successful year in my life. And I had this conversation with her one on one and I said, Honey, that's probably going to be what's what's going to happen in the future and your future years to come. You're probably going to say that a lot. And I overheard her talk to my husband, Christian, in the kitchen, and he said the exact same thing. She said, You know, it was the most challenging and the most successful year this year. And he said, You're going to have more of those. And it was funny how we're just so aligned, My husband and I, Christian, if you've ever met him, he's a great guy. Reach out to him on LinkedIn. I've had him on the show before as well. You can go on success patterns, the success pattern show and watch the episode with him, which was great episode today.

Brigitta Hoeferle:
I want to take time to give you a few hints of how to take inventory of 2022 and how you are creating a successful 2023. And in order to do that, I created a few slides which for the ones that are coming up, I just see this, David says, Looking forward to tonight's session. So I was just going to say that. David, great seeing you here. For the ones that have already signed up and we have a huge crowd that's coming to the mine boarding and I call it mid morning. I'll go into that in a second. I want you to take this time as you're coming to the mind boarding session and as you're making up, if you want to come to the mind boarding session, there's still time for you to come and I'll share the link with you guys later to really write down what triggers you or what are you becoming aware of or what are you noticing of, Oh my gosh, I did this in 2022 or I did this in 2021 and 2020 and 2019 all the way to 1992. If you're that old and you're becoming aware of, I don't want to do that anymore. It's it's a behavior. It's something that you're physically doing. It's a pattern. It's maybe a relationship, whatever it is, where you're realizing, I don't want to do that anymore. Why am I doing this? So thank you, David. I'm looking forward to you. And for the ones that are tuning in right now, show us a quick comment. Where are you calling in from? Where are you? Where are you watching from and what are you excited about in 2023? So in order to go through a few little things that I want to share with you, let me choose a different background here. There we go. All right. Most of you know me. I'm an author. I've authored most of our curriculum, my grand master of neuro linguistic programing. I'm an educator at heart. I'm invited to speak all around the world. I build businesses. I've sold businesses. I love what I do. I'm a mother of two incredible daughters. And for the ones that are coming to mind boarding later on, I have a fun little story to share with you.

Brigitta Hoeferle:
And I'm the wife of the culture guy. That's a that's a success all in itself. So this show is not about me. This show is about you. So I want to tap into a few things here. And for the ones that are watching and are not driving in a car, I really want to encourage you to write this down. Write down what I'm saying. What what resonates with you if your your actions are the outlet of your mind. So that means everything that you're creating, all the actions that you're taking are originating as a thought. And if you've ever watched the success pattern show, you have heard me say, thoughts lead to feelings. Feelings lead to actions. Actions lead to results. So if you're not getting the results that you desire, hello, pay close attention. And you might you might want to go back to the thought that originated that action. Again, here's the success pattern. Write this down. Thoughts lead to feelings. Feelings lead to actions, and actions lead to results. Now all of that is filtered by our culture, by our experiences, by our beliefs, by our values and human behavior. And the way we do things is absolutely fascinating. And most of us go through life not even knowing what what the last thought was that we were thinking because we get so wrapped up and we're so in Autodrive that we are that we don't even know what we can do intentionally. And I love what Lily just said, By the way, Lilly is my mom. Big shout out to my mom. Success is the result of the right mindset. That is that is absolutely correct and true. And most people that are highly successful realize that. And they are coming from a place of a growth mindset and not a fixed mindset. The difference and I think I've done a growth versus fixed mindset show here before the difference between growth mindset and fixed mindset is the growth mindset says there's always an opportunity, there's always a way. The fixed mindset is, Oh, life is happening to me, so woe is me. Hmm. I guess. I guess fate doesn't have success for me or whatever.

Brigitta Hoeferle:
The thought that they have will undermine that belief or will feed that belief. So thoughts lead to feelings. Feelings lead to actions, Actions lead to results. And it is success. It's a success pattern. As humans, we got really, really good at misusing that success pattern, and I'll tell you why. So thoughts, feelings, feelings, actions, actions lead to results. So imagine with me you have a thought in the morning of the last few days here in Atlanta. I don't know about you guys. It was cold and our heating system didn't work correctly. So it was really cold in the household over Christmas, which we did not let that define our happiness or the way that we were doing things. We made the very best. We had it warm and cozy. Trust me, we are very resourceful family. So imagine it's cold here in Atlanta. So you wake up in the morning, the thought is, oh, it's cold outside. The feeling is, oh, I feel it now. It is cold. When I pull back the covers, it is truly cold. The the the action is now you have a choice and you have a choice in any direction. You have a choice. Do I want to pull back the covers or do I want to jump out of bed, take a hot shower? If you do have hot water and go about your day and get the things done that you say you're going to get done yesterday. So thoughts lead to feelings. Feelings lead to action. So those actions are now let me pull back the covers. Let me jump out of bed with excitement. Let me get into action. Let me get the things that I want to get done. Now you have results to show at the end of the day. Go. Yes, I did that. Now same scenario thought, Oh, it's cold. Our heating system must have gone out feeling I'm shivering, I just want to stay in bed. I'm pulling the covers back. But you had all of these things that you wanted to get done. You might want to wrap presents. You might wanted to get last minute present or whatever it is that you wanted to do, but you rather chose to stay under the covers and feel sorry for yourself that the house is cold.

Brigitta Hoeferle:
Well, your results that you're showing at the end of the day are probably not the results that you desired for. And you're not blaming yourself because you made a choice. The blame. Well, I don't want to blame anyone, but the action was on you. But you are people are choosing to then blame. Oh, the heating system didn't work or oh, the weather or oh, this. And they they're finding something to put the blame on to not make themselves responsible for whatever action or no action they took. So thoughts lead to feelings. Feelings lead to actions, actions lead to results. And that and it is is a success pattern. When we choose to make it a success pattern and it is a non supportive, non success pattern when we choose to not make it a non supportive and non successful pattern. And it's it always comes back to a decision that we made into a choice that we made. And the choice is upon each individual person and you take ownership over that choice. Thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to actions, actions lead to results. So that's what this means. Your actions are the outlet of your mind. You choose. Is it a good outlet? Is it a not so good outlet? That's. That's. That's on you. I show you this picture. This is a really bad picture of me. When I was around 14 years old, a I had a perm be I was overweight. I did not like myself. I'll be really, really honest with you. But what changed and internal shift changed when I made a decision enough of feeling sorry for myself, for being overweight and not being the way that I wanted to look. I'm getting really vulnerable with you guys. Make a point. I knew what I wanted to be. I knew what was out there for me or I had an idea. I didn't know the whole the whole spectrum around it, but I knew I was fed up with the way that I was. Back then, when I was 14 years old and I started walking. I was like Forrest Gump. I started walking.

Brigitta Hoeferle:
I started walking in the vineyards and and through those walks. And during that time, when I was a little bit older, I started reading Seven Habits of Highly seven Habits of Highly Effective People. So I started applying those seven laws in that book. And then I wrote then I read the book Emotional Intelligence, which that was an eye opener. I was like, Wait, are you telling me there are more people like me out there? That's incredible. So I'm saying that to impress upon you that you can do whatever it is that you desire, whatever choice that you make, and it is a choice altogether. So I'm flipping through some of these PowerPoint PowerPoint slides here or keynote slides in my case that I'm going to share with our mind boarding session tonight. I'm going to tell you about the boarding session here in a second. But I want to share these elements with you, the elements of creating your future, the elements of creating and planning out very specifically your 2023. They've got to be clear and specific. If you're vague, then how the heck are you supposed to get what you desire? If you are if you say, I want a car, but you don't you're not specific around the model or the color or does it run or not? If it is an engine or not, you're probably you're going to get the next best thing and you're probably not going to like and then you're going to be resentful. So be clear and specific. What is it that you desire? What is it that you're creating? And then be intentional and actionable. Take intentional action immediately. Because once you know what you're aiming for, then you can actually go for it. It's like. It is like. Like the ax throwing, you know, it's like darts on steroids where you have a big old wooden target with, I don't know, three rings. And the red ring in the middle is the target where you really want to where you really want to throw your ax into. Well, people go around with a you know, a a an ax, if you will, a make believe ax in their hand, a.k.a.

Brigitta Hoeferle:
their goals. And they just you know, they're they're fuzzy around their goals. They don't know what they're aiming for. They so they just throw it somewhere. They're like, you know what? I'm just going to do this today. And then they throw it somewhere and then that can be lethal. It could be, you know, it could get Kosh an arm and a leg, literally. Because when you're not clear and you're not specific, how do you know where to throw it? How do you know when to throw it? And how do you know that you've actually hit the goal that you actually threw where it was supposed to go? And and I'm kind of mimicking with my hands in the middle ring and the red ring. So the third element is it must be testable and verifiable. How do you know when you're successful? What does that feel, look and sound like? How can you verify it? How much money do you have in your bank account? When you say you are successful, for some people it's 100,000. For some people it's 50,000. For some people it's 5 million. For some people it's 100 million. But don't focus on what the other people are saying because that's their success and that's their stuff. Focus on what do you want? What is your well-formed outcome? Be clear and specific about it. Which actions do you want to take and which actions can can you take, and are they intentional or are they just busywork? Too many people. You know, when I ask them, Hey, how are you doing? Oh, I'm so busy. Well, are you busy or are you productive? So intentional and actionable. And then the third one is verifiable. How do you know? Can you test it that you are successful, that you have the things that you said you're wanting to have? Those are the three elements. And if you walk away with nothing else, this is the most important key here. And I'm going to go back to I'm going to go to this slide here. Then I want to end with this before I go into the mind boarding.

Brigitta Hoeferle:
The quality of your communication equals the quality of your results. And the communication is not just something that you do with someone else. It's not just talking to someone else, like talking to your mom on the phone. It is your communication with yourself. Are you do you have a stinking thinking or do you have an uplifting thinking? Do you have a thinking of, Oh, I can't do that? Or oh, I'm not worthy of that or oh, it's too hard or Oh no, that's not meant for me. That's just meant for them. Which communication do you have and is it an uplifting one that you have with yourself? And does it tie into the results that you truly desire? And if the communication with yourself and with others is not congruent with the results that you desire or the results that you truly want, then you might want to go back to the thoughts that you're that you're thinking first and the feelings that you're feeling. Before you get into action, before you're getting the results that you really don't want. So quality of your communication equals the quality of your results. Now, I did mention a few a few times that we have a mind boarding session tonight. We have this every year. I have been actually, if you could look around me here, there are several mine boards on the floor and I was looking at which one I want to show today and the mind boarding session. I have been keeping my mind boards and the mind boards that I have done for our businesses and the mind boards that our children have done. Of course, I'm not going to share them, but I have been keeping them just to look back and pay gratitude for all the things that we have created. And yes, if you're in a growth mindset, if you're on this show and you're watching, you are probably coming from a place of a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset. So mind boarding, be here. We're going to start it is almost 5:00 here on the East Coast. We're going to start at 530. We're having a hybrid, which is you can come in in person here in Atlanta.

Brigitta Hoeferle:
If you're in the Atlanta area, you're welcome to come in or you can zoom in. Either one works great because we have right now we have 23 that are scheduled to be here and here. I mean, we have about half of them coming in person and half of them coming in from all around the world that there are folks going to be on from Australia, from Germany, and it's in the middle of the night from in Germany. Australia is actually calling from the future. It's already tomorrow morning there. So we have people coming in from all around the world and if you are in a place where you say, I want to create your 2023, I am in that growth mindset and I do want a guided session. The mind boarding is definitely the way to go. I contribute a lot to my mind boards that I have done over the years, over the decades of my success, because I got really clear what is it that I no longer want? What is it that I'm leaving in the old year? It does not serve me. I don't need it anymore. Take it to the landfill. And I got really clear on I'm going to take this because this whatever I already have, serves me really, really well. And I want to add other things, other behavior, other mindset, other skills, other actual tangible things into the new Year. So I can create that next level that I am creating. And look, I like to tell my clients, don't take advice from someone that is less successful than you. So I know that the people that are coming to the mind board because they keep coming back, they're creating greater things every year. And I think you should too, because I care about you, because this show is is created with you in mind. So thank you for being here. I'm going to share with you the link where you can get into the mind boarding. It is center of NLP dot com slash product slashed slash mind boarding dash 2023. So center of NLP dot com slash product. Slash mind boarding. That is one word, Dash 2023. I'm going to put it here in the comments as well.

Brigitta Hoeferle:
Let me put it here so you can just click on it. Join us for the mind boarding tonight. It's going to start in around half an hour, a little bit over a half an hour from right now. Join us. You're going to absolutely love it and you can thank me later. I don't say that out of ego. I say that with a very humble heart because I know what it has done in my client's business, in my client's personal life, romantic life, and. Yeah, I'm here because I care for you. So with that being said, I want to end tonight's show. I'm going to give you a few little a few little ideas on where to focus on in your. I'm sorry. What you can focus on in your mind board. And that is travel, finance, business, personal passion, acceptance. Kids letting go of. Oh, there. Let's see. There are professional health, fitness, spiritual contribution, community fun. Definitely. Family love. And I know that you can find many, many more things. So thank you for being on on today's show. I want to leave you with lots of love and lots of gratitude for this year. It's a great year. 2022 was an interesting year. It was a great year. And I wish you wealth and happiness and success for 2023. I will see you in the New Year on the other side. And until then, thank you for tuning in as every Tuesday to the Success Patterns Show. See you next week and next year. Thank you for tuning in to the Success Patterns Show at www.TheSuccessPatternsShow.com My name is Brigitta Hoeferle.

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