Special Guest Expert - Mark Johnson


Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is an author, speaker and the Co-Founder of CoRecruit Systems and a partner in Third Pool Recruiting Systems. Mark’s passion and expertise is enabling broker owners and teams create the systems and processes to support their growth. With deep industry experience Mark is the former Brand President and CEO of company owned stores with $8 billion in sales, 24,000 annual transactions and 4,000 associates. He has invested decades in understanding the inner workings of high-performing real estate companies, managers, teams, and their leaders in major markets across the world. Mark has served as in progressive leadership capacities for one of the largest US-based real estate firms, the nation’s leading real estate coaching organization, in sales and customer marketing leadership capacities for a major consumer goods company and served in the US Army. Mark has presented engaging content to audiences of all sizes and is the author of three books “One Helluva A Move;” “Up In Your Business;” and “From Willing To Eager.” Mark is a father of 3, a lifelong learner and adventure athlete. He earned his MBA from California State University and a Behavioral Change Certification from the National Association of Sports Medicine.

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