Special Guest Expert - Pearl Chiarenza


Pearl Chiarenza

Pearl is a Mental Fitness Life Coach, Author, and Speaker. She helps women put themselves first authentically without guilt so that they do not look back wondering where they were in their mind, body and spirit story becoming SHERO’s of their lives.

Pearl provides one to one, group coaching, weekly community SHERO meetings and yearly women pajama retreats. She loves empowering women to put their capes on first with the superpower of a positive mindset overcoming life’s challenges.

She is a published author in books Behind Her Brand Volume 6, Behind Her Weight Loss, Success Factor, Yes God, Against All Odds and Everyday’s Women Guide to The Mindset of a Successful Woman.

She has been married to Chuck for 35 years, is mom of two boys Matt (Forever 25) and Nate 22. Pearl has received a day named after her in Syracuse, NY and Women of Worth Award in Las Vegas, NV.

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