Special Guest Expert - Steve Ek


Steve Ek

Steve lives by his own design and he’s never settled a day in his life. After finding great success in business he moved on to find even more success in entrepreneurship, now he is the coach people come to from all over the world seeking to live their own success. He’s been on TV, in magazines and is one of WGN’s “People You Should Know”. With his unique gift of foresight and his fun yet fearless lifestyle he hand crafted his program “Live Life By Design” where he trains you to build both confidence and wealth. His life changing program takes the approach that you have to become the person that can be successful. For Steve success is a lifestyle. It's a mindset you bring to every part of your life and he leads by example. He can coach people to be successful and wealthy while also enjoying all life has to offer because he's done it himself, he leads an exuberant lifestyle of total freedom while owning a business that runs itself flawlessly.

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